Blasting & Painting

Industrial & Specialist Coatings

Specialist coatings application for corrosion protection is one of our core disciplines. At AIC, our fully trained and experienced workforce can deliver a range of specialist coatings and painting services.

With experience applying specialist coatings for corrosion protection tank farms, infrastructure, petrochemical and power generation sites, AIC have fully qualified rope access painters and coating applications specialists to provide a cost-effective solution for your project if traditional access is not an option.

We have the ability to meet all specialist coatings application including.

o Traditional media blasting
o Soda blasting
o TRAC blasting
o Building façade blasting & cleaning
o Water jetting & UHP
o Internal tank linings
o Industrial painting

We also offer a comprehensive selection of high-performance coatings, paints and treatments to meet the demands of structures in even the harshest marine and offshore environments.

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