Passive Fire Protection

Passive Fire Protection

Includes compartmentalisation of the overall building through the use of fire-resistance rated walls and floors. Organisation into smaller fire compartments, consisting of one or more rooms or floors, prevents or slows the spread of fire from the room of fire origin to other building spaces, limiting building damage and providing more time to the building occupants for emergency evacuation or to reach an area of refuge.

With experience applying specialist PFP coatings for construction, petrochemical, nuclear and power generation sites, AIC has fully qualified installers & applications specialists to provide a cost-effective solution for your project requirements including.

o Intumescent coatings
o Cementitious coatings
o Thick film epoxy coatings
o Penetration seals
o Fire stops
o Board systems
o Cavity barriers
o Compartmentation
o Mastic seals

AIC are accredited and approved applicators for PFP products from all major manufacturers.

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